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Hey there! I'm DJan, and I've always had a deep-rooted love for fitness. But my journey into the world of personal training was inspired by something more profound — a commitment to making sure no one else feels the way I did growing up.

As the "big" kid in school, I faced my share of bullies and learnt firsthand the impact of self-esteem and childhood trauma on our adult lives. It was during those challenging years that I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about fitness and wellness. My goal? To empower kids to be confident in their own skin and to help adults embrace and love the bodies they were born with.

On a personal note, I understand the challenges life can throw your way. I became a parent at a young age, and I've been on a journey of raising my daughter to be a strong, powerful, independent woman. It's a mission that's dear to my heart.

Now, let's talk qualifications. Registered with REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa), I'm a Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in Children's Fitness & Nutrition. As well as Bootcamp, BoxFit & Group Fitness. Safety is paramount, which is why I'm also First Aid Certified, with CPR Training.

My approach to personal training goes beyond sets and reps. I believe in looking at the bigger picture — the full tapestry of your life. Your work, your daily stressors, your nutrition, and then I plan a journey on how I can help you fit healthier options seamlessly into your unique lifestyle.

When I'm not training or selling houses as a Property Practitioner for Harcourts Limitless, you'll find me at the Parkrun on Saturdays, enjoying the great outdoors, or coaching rugby to the little future Springboks. These community engagements keep me grounded and connected.

In my downtime, I'm an avid online gamer. But my top priority is spending quality time with my daughter. Being the best dad I can be is at the core of everything I do.

So, what's next? I invite you to join the Trainer DJan team and embark on a journey to a healthier, stronger, and more confident you. Let's make fitness an enjoyable and transformative experience, together.

Ready to start your fitness journey? Contact me for a free 30 minute online assessment and let me see how I can help YOU!